“But lately, this variation is skewing primarily in only one direction. “Now we’re in a distinct warming period because of climate change,” Primack said, “breaking more records because the temperature in general is warmer” — more than three degrees Celsius warmer in the Boston area since the 1850s.”

Please recheck your figures. More records have been broken for cold than hot. We’ve added new phrases to our vocabulary such as “polar vortex”. The great lakes freeze over now where they almost never have. Winter is early and leaves late and the arctic ice is still all there which you can see for yourself in this NASA sat photo.

This opinion piece oif long on corporate propaganda but short on science. It does not reflect the state of the planet well at all.

The math behind AGW had failed by 2012, the math behind the cfc/ozone “crisis” had failed by 2014. Neither were real it turns out and the irony is the hole in the ozone layer formed because it got a bit warmer but now it’s closing because it’s getting colder again.


You have old data. Please educate yourself on matters of science before you write about them next time.

P.S. The old game of adding “climate” as a word to grant proposals is well documented, you don’t need to do it again. Can’t get paid to study species X? Change the subject to “Climate and species X” – works every time.