Using Our Stories

We’re glad you’re interested in republishing Undark’s original journalism. Our “Republish” link, found at the top of most of our articles, is your indication that a story is available for re-use. It also makes grabbing the basic text — and complying with our syndication rules — almost effortless. Please read the following guidelines carefully for additional information.


Please be sure to look for the word “Republish” somewhere near the top of the piece (see image below). If you do not see the word “Republish,” then it is very likely that this piece is not available for re-use, either because it is not original to Undark, or it has otherwise been designated as exclusive to Undark. If you are unsure, please contact us for clarification.


If you are interested in republishing an original story, photograph, or other material that first appeared at Undark within the last 90 days, feel free to do so, assuming your usage meets the rest of our criteria below. If it has been more than 90 days since the item first appeared at Undark, we ask that you get in touch with the named author, photographer, or other contributor to negotiate permission. If you have questions, send us an email at [email protected].


You can write your own headlines and subheads, of course, but you cannot otherwise edit our material, except to reflect changes in time; to make minor adjustments for editorial style; or as needed to complete a direct and accurate translation into another language. Substantial edits, including cuts or additions, are not permitted. Please send an email to [email protected] for questions on this front.


The article, photograph, or other material you republish from Undark must include all of the original bylines. We also require that Undark be identified, at or near the top of your republished version, as the original source of the material. For online publishers, we require somewhere on your page a link back to the original article’s URL at In print, if you are unable to include the full URL of the story, we ask that you include mention of our primary URL, We are a nonprofit newsroom providing this material to you for free; these links and attributions help us to raise funds to continue doing this work.


Many images used by Undark are purchased from commercial agencies, which don’t allow their images to be republished without permission and/or payment. You are responsible for obtaining permission for any images not produced by Undark.


If you are republishing online, we ask that you include our page view counter — a single pixel and short snippet of HTML that lets us know how much traffic our story has received. If you use our “Republish This” link, the code will be included automatically at the bottom of the article. It takes up no space, and will be enclosed in a standard tag.


You are not permitted to sell our material. You are not permitted to redistribute our articles to other publishers. You are not permitted to lift our articles from, or credit our articles to, other sites where you may find them. Undark must always be credited clearly and prominently as the publisher of origin. You are not permitted to republish all of our articles; you need to select stories to be republished individually. If you republish our material, your site must include a prominent and effective way to contact you, and Undark reserves the right to revoke republication permission to any publisher at any time and for any reason.

For questions or clarification on our republication guidelines, please email us at [email protected].

Thank you for your interest in Undark!

Terms updated 10/1/2023