Book Review: An Epic History of Our Warming Planet

In “Our Biggest Experiment,” Alice Bell traces the evolution of climate change and the scientific discoveries that revealed the hazards of unfettered energy consumption. Through this wide-ranging history, Bell portrays a fragile world of interconnected problems, the climate crisis fully underway.

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Abstracts: Antivirals, Aspirin, and More

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Book Review: Illnesses Influenced by Culture

In “The Sleeping Beauties,” neurologist Suzanne O’Sullivan explores the world of unexplained comas and other mysterious “culture-bound” disorders. Culturally influenced reactions to trauma, O’Sullivan stresses, have nothing to do with fakery, but are very real, physical manifestations of distress.

Abstracts: Covid Origin, NASA Telescope, and More

The dispute over the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic grew more heated this week, as a pair of papers — one a scientific study that has yet to undergo peer review, the other a leaked grant proposal — fueled speculation about the origin of a coronavirus that has killed millions of people around the world.

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