“The study’s authors themselves have taken a more measured approach to the results. “The study produced nuanced enough findings that there was a little something for everyone to hate,” said Baicker. “We were able to help dispel both the unduly optimistic view of Medicaid and the unduly pessimistic view of Medicaid.” The OHIE’s findings on depression, financial security, and self-reported health really do matter, she stressed, when we think about whether health insurance makes people better off.”

This is part of the issue with studies being misinterpreted/misunderstood by the public. Misuse by politicians is bound to happen when they want to gain support for their position. I just wish the authors of said studies would testify in congress and or speak in public to refute these politicians when they are blatantly misusing evidence from the study.

Belief perseverance is a real thing, at the least getting clarification from the authors may prove beneficial.