A start-up company claims it can identify terrorists using facial recognition software.

Abstracts: FDA, Face Recognition, and More

• The FDA’s new food labeling rules are a step forward in the fight against obesity. (Scientific American)

School Lunch

Michelle Obama has praised the FDA’s new food labeling laws, which she says will make it easier for parents to understand what their kids are eating. (Visual by USDA/Flickr)

• As their land slips away, Native Americans in a Louisiana bayou become climate change refugees. (National Geographic)

• A start-up says that it can predict who might be a terrorist simply by looking at their face. (Washington Post)

• Can you live forever? Money is pouring into private companies who see aging as a code to be hacked. (Nautilus)

• In the North Atlantic, seals are dying in a strange way: cut clean in a corkscrew pattern. Researchers dive in to try and find the mysterious killer. (bioGraphic)

• The FDA will decide today whether to approve an implant that promises to treat opioid addiction. (STAT)

• A new discovery of how natural aerosols form might mean that the world is warming slower than researchers previously thought. (Science)

• And finally, autism affects all demographics about the same, but when it comes to recognizing it, minorities have been left behind. (Pacific Standard)