Just read this article today and I am just speechless which, is unusually uncharacteristic however, I feel really bad for Ross Ulbricht and that he totally got railroaded. How can our court system charge him when there wasn’t any laws to begin with?? Evidence not brought forth for his defense with the FBI informant & SS Agent that both were stealing? Anyways, the questions are still unanswered or better yet, make no sense and I don’t consider myself very smart in computer technologies ect. We have all heard the situation where someone says, “if it were me that Got caught they’d put me in jail & would make me the example”….BUT this case doesn’t fit the punishment!! I’m confused but most of all very truly scared that our so called justice system can get away this “draconian” laws. Yes, he deserves punishment then the law(s) written..published..and folks were then aware that if you do this THEN the punishment(s) and/or fine(s) and/or mail time be…it’s all ass backwards.