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Good for the Heart, Good for the Brain

Just as public health campaigns on the benefits of diet, exercise, and quitting smoking have raised awareness that reducing heart disease risk is at least partly within our control, experts say more should be done to increase public understanding that lifestyle choices can reduce Alzheimer’s risk, too.

For All They Know

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan — a mass poisoning rife with narratives of social injustice, bigotry, and regulatory ineptitude — belies a less frequently explored truth: Government officials and even scientists remain breathtakingly ignorant about the millions of miles of pipes that deliver our water.

In Antarctica’s Shallows, a Climate Paradox

Less than 160 feet below the surface of Antarctica’s frigid coastal waters, the seafloor teems with life. That life — from sea worms to colonial creatures called bryozoans — has the potential to slow climate change a bit, if only icebergs would stop snuffing it out. Then again, that would have downsides too.