Aleszu Bajak

Oil and Water

Over 70,000 miles of crude oil pipelines spread like vasculature across the United States. Some of it, like the contentious Dakota Access pipeline, is new and outfitted with the latest safety technologies. Nearly half is old and prone to problems. And all of it is necessary until our thirst for oil subsides.

Mobilizing Green Latinos

Using culturally-relevant messages that highlight the very real public health consequences of climate change, pollution, and other environmental concerns, environmental organizations have been working hard to bring Latino communities into their movement — and to get them into voting booths.

Solar in the Holler?

As Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton argue over how to save coal country, some have pointed to solar job training programs as a solution. That sounds great, but in the heart of coal country, retraining workers won’t matter if there’s no solar market there to employ them.

Climate Data for the Masses

A new initiative from the White House aims to make climate vulnerability data and visualization tools more accessible to decision makers, businesses, and the public. The trick will be getting the information and tools into the right hands, says the CEO of Carto, a geospatial company working on the project.