Coral reef

Abstracts: Sugar Conspiracy, Bleaching Reefs, and More

A roundup of science news from around the Web — and around the world.

• Various predictions from Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth, have withstood the test of time. (Science News)

• The livelihoods of an estimated 30 million small-scale fishermen and women depend on coral reefs, and they are dying. (New York Times)

Al Gore

Former Vice President Al Gore

• Humans have felled some 3 trillion trees since the beginning of agriculture. (Nautilus)

• Book review: Will we continue to have sex to make babies in the future? (Nature)

• The sugar industry has had a key role in suppressing a 30-year-old warning about the negative health effects of too much sugar. (The Guardian)

• Anthropomorphism can distort our scientific perceptions, but so can aggressively avoiding it. (New York Times)

• An Oregon judge declines to dismiss a climate change lawsuit brought against the federal government. (The Oregonian)

• When do we become inured to certain pleasures — and when do we not? (Nautilus)

• And finally: Campuses that are hyper-protective of so-called “safe spaces” could psychologically undermine student resilience. (The Guardian)