Need signatures. Could save over 84,000 jobs and create many more. This industry creates over 11 billion dollars of American revenue. This tax credit also takes away from our dependency on foreign oil and creates cleaner air for us to breath. Since this tax credit was implemented in 2005 there has been a significant drop of price for the consumer at the gas and diesel pumps. We should use clean renewable energy and reserve as much crude oil as we can for future generations. Why subsidize Fortune 500 big oil companies, that pollute the environment. Please sign this petition and help us lower greenhouse emissions and stop global warming. Let’s save the earth and use renewable fuels. Fracking is killing the water we drink, and crude oil is polluting the air we breathe. The current tax credit has expired and biodiesel needs your help to stay going.

Signing this takes less than 15 seconds, but can make a difference for generations to come.

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Phillip Harden