Abstracts: Orlando Blood Donation, Hunting Poachers, and More


• After the nightclub shooting in Orlando, many people are calling for the FDA to lift restrictions on gay men donating blood. (Newsweek)

• A conversation with wildlife detective and conservation biologist, Samuel Wasser, on using the latest techniques to catch poachers. (New York Times)


A pangolin, one of the most commonly poached species in the world. (Visual by Wildlife Alliance/Flickr)

• What can psychology tell us about why some people become terrorists? The answers might seem counter-intuitive. (NPR)

• Astronaut Scott Parazynski explored the deep in a weeklong expedition to the wreck of the S.S. Andrea Dora, known as the “Mount Everest of Shipwrecks.” (National Geographic)

• As a researcher studied schizophrenia, he ended up getting diagnosed with the disease himself. (STAT)

• According to new research, most antidepressants are completely ineffective in people under 18. More than that, they might be dangerous. (Slate)

• Researchers built a climate change model which they say can predict future outbreaks of diseases like Zika and Ebola. (Reuters)

• More than half of patients who were prescribed painkillers in the past decade got more than they needed — and many went on to share them. (Baltimore Sun)

• And finally, scientists plan to release seven robots into the Bay of Bengal next month in order to study India’s annual monsoons. (Christian Science Monitor)