Undark Podcast #9: The Flint Water Crisis

Join our podcast host David Corcoran as he discusses Undark’s recent deep dive into the continuing problems with water in Flint, Michigan — and around the country — with Steve Friess. Also: journalism in the age of Trump and how public opinion is formed about genetically modified organisms.

In Vermont, Blessed Are the Cheese Makers

Vermont’s GMO labeling law goes into effect this month. But in a world awash with genetically modified organisms, teasing out where the rule ought to be applied (and where it shouldn’t) has been complicated for the state’s lawmakers from the start. In updated guidance, cheese and milk are given a pass.

Undark Podcast #4: Lysozyme & More

Join our podcast host David Corcoran as he discusses with science writer Megan Molteni her recent deep dive for Undark — a look at transgenic goats, engineered to treat childhood disease, but hindered by GMO fears. Also: Undark’s Tracker columnist, Paul Raeburn, talks about cell phone radiation and cancer.

Spilled Milk

In California, genetically engineered goats produce a human enzyme that, researchers hoped, could prevent the deaths of thousands of children in the developing world by curbing diarrheal infections. But the goats, like other transgenic animals with potential benefits, remain in a regulatory limbo.

The Tricky Business of Regulating Biology

The federal government’s framework for regulating biotechnology was created in 1986, long before scientists ever conceived of the kind of genetic engineering they’re able to do today. While these regulations are currently under review, experts wonder whether they’ll ever be able to keep up with innovation.