Perhaps unsurprisingly, injuries from fireworks skyrocket on the Fourth of July.

Abstracts: Fireworks Injuries, Nobel Laureates, and More

• Perhaps unsurprisingly, fireworks injuries skyrocket on the Fourth of July. Check out these interactive graphs to see just how much. (STAT)

• More than 100 Nobel laureates are asking Greenpeace to reverse its position on genetically modified organisms. (Vox)


Depression still carries a stigma, even in the medical community. But that is starting to change.(Visual by

• Depression still carries a stigma, even in the medical community. But with 350 to 400 doctors committing suicide every year, that is starting to change. (Chicago Tribune)

• The World Anti-Doping Agency announced that it is suspending accreditation for Rio’s Brazilian Doping Control Laboratory, making it very difficult to catch any doping at the Olympics this August. (Wired)

• After zebra mussels in Texas required a pipeline to be replaced at a cost of $300 million, the invasive species continues to spread. (Dallas Morning News)

• The Yellowstone River is both iconic and heavily abused, but one man has a plan to save it. (High Country News)

• Astronomers are using supernovas to measure the size of the universe. (Slate)

• As Arctic tourism increases, scientists are using visitors to collect and document data on the ice. (Eos)

• And finally, this week the Supreme Court refused to hear a Washington state case on how much religious freedom pharmacists have. Two editors debate the pros and cons of the case, and the refusal. (Seattle Times)