Claudia Geib

Following Sharks Through Tags and Twitter

Most people wouldn’t be happy if a shark followed them in real life, but many are overjoyed when one follows them on Twitter. Social media and interactive tracking maps have become a popular method to promote shark conservation online, but some experts question if it’s the right way to engage the public.

Abstracts: Mad Reindeer, Space Mining, and More

Norway’s reindeer may have a mad-cow like disease, an astrophysicist cautions against space mining, and a Peruvian woman has received the Goldman Environmental Prize for resisting a mining company’s efforts to gain her farmland. These stories and more in our weekly news roundup.

Of Rumors and Tremors

Rumors thrive when Internet users misinterpret the wealth of scientific data available online. Such was the case when a satellite image appeared to show a cloud of carbon monoxide over the U.S. West Coast, and Twitter erupted with cries of a looming earthquake. It was all very, very wrong.

Much Ado About Algae

Toxic marine algae — once limited largely to warm southern waters — can cause serious health problems in humans and animals alike. Now, a new study suggests that algal toxins could spell trouble for species in northern oceans being warmed by climate change.