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Mobilizing Green Latinos

Using culturally-relevant messages that highlight the very real public health consequences of climate change, pollution, and other environmental concerns, environmental organizations have been working hard to bring Latino communities into their movement — and to get them into voting booths.

Worse Than the Disease

Hard questions are being raised about a commonly used therapy, along with recent research supporting it, for chronic fatigue syndrome — one that in many cases made symptoms worse. The new scrutiny is cold comfort for patients subjected to the treatment for years without any real science to back it up.

The Therapist is a Cop

The Albuquerque police and the University of New Mexico medical school set up a videoconferencing network to help officers deal with people with mental illness. The system could help address a nationwide problem: Far too often, police are responders of last resort, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

The Struggle of the Bighorn

A deadly bacteria, passed on from contact with domestic sheep, has been killing bighorns since the 19th century. Officials continue to scramble to stop its spread through large-scale killing of sick animals and enforced separations of domestic and wild herds. No one seems happy with these solutions.

Furry Animals, Fuzzy Science

Turning college team mascots into icons of wildlife conservation seems like a winning strategy, but there is surprisingly little science to suggest that it can really help to protect species — particularly those that are critically endangered. Still, a growing number of schools are giving it a go.