The Measure of a Fog

The Measure of a Fog: Geoengineering

With the exception of rogue experiments, most geoengineering schemes — which aim to reverse climate change on a planetary scale — are still in the “what if” phase, and caution would seem to dictate that we go slowly. Still, with temperatures and emissions still rising, such ideas could gain new urgency.

The Measure of a Fog: Energy

The climate problem is an energy challenge. Fossil fuels are the lifeblood of the our world, and virtually everything we do, make, buy, drive, wear, and consume is touched by or dependent on the infrastructure use to harvest, distribute and burn coal, natural gas, or oil. How do you replace an energy system?

The Measure of a Fog: Carbon

The carbon cycle describes how carbon moves through Earth’s systems. As a result, it determines the fate of our fossil fuel emissions — and the future of our climate. But like the climate itself, it can feel a little abstract, or hard to pin down.

The Measure of a Fog: Distance

The changes we’re making to the planet’s complex machinery — changes arising from a colorless, odorless gas tied to positive-sounding things like progress and prosperity — can seem both placeless and everywhere. In a short-film series, we explore the scale of climate change, and why it’s so hard to fathom.