Undark Podcast #9: The Flint Water Crisis

Join our podcast host David Corcoran as he discusses Undark’s recent deep dive into the continuing problems with water in Flint, Michigan — and around the country — with Steve Friess. Also: journalism in the age of Trump and how public opinion is formed about genetically modified organisms.

For All They Know

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan — a mass poisoning rife with narratives of social injustice, bigotry, and regulatory ineptitude — belies a less frequently explored truth: Government officials and even scientists remain breathtakingly ignorant about the millions of miles of pipes that deliver our water.

[Don’t] [Do] [Maybe] Drink the Water

In the absence of national action, millions of Americans will continue to be harmed by their drinking water in their homes. This harm can be prevented, but it requires both federal action, and for authorities everywhere to be better prepared to deal with problems quickly and scientifically.