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AP: New Red, Blue Rings Found Around Uranus

AP, without byline, posted some astronomy news from the University of California, in this week’s Science, on discovery of newly recognized colored rings around Uranus (which is also a new fillip on the old joke with the punchline, “speak for yourself”). Read AP’s version, or for a bit more, go to’s version by Sara

Press frenzy over Ancient Fossil as the long-expected fish-to-land “missing link;” or take THAT, Creationists

The 365-million-year old bones, uncovered recently in Canada’s arctic, are of a hefty creature caught “in the act of adapting toward a life on land,” its discoverers report in Nature. Head like a crocodile or maybe a toothy salamander, tail like a fish, and fins stiffened by bones that foreshadow terrestrial limbs. Of course, maybe

AP: New Dino Resembles Big Turkey

Old bones always compete well for space. From Salt Lake City AP’s Brock Vergakis sends word of 7-foot Hagryphus giganteus, which means giant four-footed, birdlike god of the Western desert, as per the University of Utah paleontologist who helped study the 75-million-year-old remains. Read it


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