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AP, Seattle PI: Salmon-eating Orcas and their Home Turf

From Seattle at a meeting on orcas, AP’s Peggy Anderson relays word that Canadian fisheries scientists are learning more about the habits of specific groups of killer whales. Attentive Orca fans will know that EPA and some conservationists are tussling over whether such subpopulations deserve special edangered or threatened species protection, but you can’t tell

NYTimes: Science AND Walking on Water

How could a harried news editor resist this one? John Noble Wilford’s piece Tuesday, among others, got picked up all over. He reports speculation that ice on Galilee may have given Jesus his footing for a stroll to the apostles’ boat. read it Also skating in: Reuters’s Jim Loney Jim Loney Washington Post’s Alan Cooperman

AP: Feds to do own spotted owl recovery plan

We haven’t heard much about those elusive spotted owls for awhile. Well, here’s news from the bureaucratic front: After long promising a plan for protecting spotted owls in the Pacific Northwest, the Fish and Wildlife Service says it can’t afford to pay an outside contractor the $400,000 to write up the strategy, reports AP’s Jeff

Obesity through thick and thin

Fat, that staple of health writers everywhere, claimed even more ink in Wednesday’s papers with the appearance of the April 5 JAMA. Inside were two faces of the issue–calorie restriction (at last, a hint of evidence that it does some things in humans that seem beneficial, though the study lasted only six months) and the


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