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Midwest Mumps Updates

No break in sight. AP leads its health coverage with mumps in Iowa, which remains the hardest-hit state as it reached a cumulative 605 cases by Thursday and public health officials say the disease has struck at least half Iowa’s counties. Physicians have been reporting about 50 new cases daily for the last week, a

LA Times: Brain’s Darwin Machine

The Tracker missed this one two days ago, April 11, but it’s the latest in Robert Lee Hotz‘s series of lengthy, deeply-reported dispatches from the world of brain research that he has filed over the last year or so. This one is on sophisticated technologies researchers use to observe and interpret the Darwinian struggle for

More Mumps News: Epidemic Spreading

First it was Iowa with 400+ cases so far, now it’s in nine midwestern states, the CDC is getting busy, and nobody is quite sure how far the first mumps epidemic in 20 years in the US will spread. Today’s stories: Washington Post Rob Stein , who has a national rundown; Chicago Sun-Times Lori Rackl


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