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An Unbalanced Plate of Food Policy

Even as young as 8 months, babies should be eating fruit and vegetables, experts advise. A new study finds a surprisingly high number who don’t, especially among minorities. Stronger national and local policies could help health care providers and parents improve the diets of infants and toddlers.

Abstracts: Whales, Wolves, and More

A 36-million-year-old fossil found in Peru could fill a gap in our understanding of whale evolution. A rare white wolf in Yellowstone National Park was illegally shot and killed. Trump is expected to appoint a nonscientist to head the USDA. Read these stories and more in our twice-weekly news roundup.

Undark Podcast #14: America’s Broken Prairie

Our podcast host, David Corcoran, discusses Undark’s latest Case Study on the fast-disappearing American prairie, with writer David J. Unger. Also: Seth Mnookin on the media and the March for Science, and reporter Katrin Redfern on a surprising conflict over human rights and natural resources in Tanzania.

Abstracts: March for Science, ISS, and More

Psychologists are optimistic that this weekend’s March for Science might also break down stubborn stereotypes around scientists by showing students what scientists actually look like. Australia launched several tiny cubestat satellites this week. Read these stories and more in our twice-weekly news roundup.

Abstracts: CRISPR, Cassini, and More

A new tool based on CRISPR could be a quick and cheap diagnostic tool. Saturn’s moon Enceladus might be hospitable for alien microbes. A Star Trek-inspired health kit can diagnose thirteen ailments and monitor five vitals at once. Read these stories and more in our twice-weekly news roundup.

An Opioid Antidote Gains Crucial Support

When a state legislator asked a pain and addiction specialist how laws could better beat back the opioid epidemic, the doctor knew exactly what she wanted and got it: a mandate that cops carry an OD-reversal drug and a requirement to provide discharged inmates and methadone treatment patients with it too.