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Podcast #23: Food Fight

Join our podcast host and former NYT editor David Corcoran as he talks with Kerstin Hoppenhaus and Sibylle Grunze about their Undark documentary on stem rust. Also: Seth Mnookin on how people get science news; and reporter Kate Morgan visits a New Jersey fossil park where dinosaurs met their fate.

Podcast #22: The Poisoning of Michigan

Join our podcast host and former New York Times editor David Corcoran as he talks with Carrie Arnold about her Undark Case Study on the toxic legacy of a 1973 chemical mixup. Also: commentator Seth Mnookin on the biggest science stories of 2017, and Randy Scott Carroll on what it means to be alive.

Exodus at the Environmental Protection Agency

Topping our weekly news roundup: 700 people have left the EPA — either through quitting, taking buyouts, or retiring from positions that will not filled — since Donald Trump became president. This puts the administration nearly a quarter of the way to reaching its goal of shrinking the agency by 20 percent.