The Justice Department halted construction of an oil pipeline on Native American land.

Abstracts: Oil Pipeline Protests, Flood Risk, and More

• Today, the Justice Department put a halt to construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s land, which they say will threaten their water supply. (Washington Post)

Thanks to climate change, major floods along the Gulf Coast have become much more frequent. Visual:

• According to researchers working with NOAA, the chances of major floods along the Gulf Coast have increased by at least 40 percent since 1990 due to climate change. (Slate)

• According to a new report, auditors have “concerns” about how the Oregon Department of Energy issued $347 million in energy tax credits to large businesses. The audit did not find evidence of fraud, but did find “circumstantial evidence of suspicious behavior.” (Oregonian)

• Last week, President Obama traveled to Midway Atoll and discussed his successes and failures in combatting climate change as president. (New York Times)

• Astronauts going up into space face a number of health effects, including the impact of radiation and weightlessness on their minds. Studies suggest the space travel may dull us mentally. (Nautilus)

• Research done deep in the jungle of the highest mountains in the Philippines not only identified 28 new species, but overturned a basic tenant of biology — that as elevation goes up, the number of species must go down. (Atlantic)

• The drought in Massachusetts has gotten so bad that the state’s governor has announced a loan fund to assist small farms and businesses. (Boston Globe)

• In a heated election year, Zika is becoming a political tool — even as Congress refused to commit any money to combat Zika for the third time. (Miami Herald)

• And finally, according to the CDC, in 2014, Alabama was the least precise state in reporting drug overdoses; only 48 percent of death certificates from Alabama overdose victims listed the drugs involved. (Sun Herald)