European robin

Abstracts: Internal Compass, Trump, and More

• Scientists are searching for the internal compass that might explain how animals are able to navigate thousands of miles around the globe. (New Yorker)

Donald Trump

Donald Trump claimed that California’s water woes are due to the state’s protection of a small, three-inch fish: the delta smelt. (Visual by Gage Skidmore/Flickr.)

• Donald Trump has blamed California’s water trouble on efforts to save a tiny fish called the delta smelt.

• An update to the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act would give the EPA new powers to regulate the chemicals that go into American products. (High Country News)

• A pharmaceutical company will be the new sponsor of Science Talent Search — the country’s largest research competition for high school students. (STAT)

• Humans might have beat out Neanderthals overall, but in some areas, Neanderthals had the upper hand. (Discover Magazine)

• To address the growing need for more food sources, entrepreneurs want to make insects a normal part of our diet. (Scientific American)

• An antibiotic resistant strain of E.coli was found in a woman’s UTI, strengthening the possible the connection between the infections and the use of antibiotics in meat. (Wired)

• Is the real thing holding fusion energy back simply the fact that it isn’t taken seriously? (Gizmodo)

• And finally, a biologist wants to reintroduce rattlesnakes on an small island in central Massachusetts, but residents are not enthused. (New York Times)