Long Walks for Fresh Water in Coastal Bangladesh

In Bangladesh’s coastal districts — including Khulna, Satkhira, and Bagerhat — the effects of climate change have made the water so salty that it can no longer be used for drinking or for other domestic purposes. According to one study, some 70 percent of local residents now depend on water in distant ponds.

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The Fight to Change U.S. Building Codes

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Abstracts: Olympics, Blue Origin, and More

The opening ceremony for the 2020 Olympics, delayed by a year due to Covid-19, kicked off Friday in a restrained performance in Tokyo. Around 15,000 athletes from more than 200 countries are expected to compete but already, 106 people associated with the Games have tested positive for the virus.

Book Review: When Scientists Break Bad

From ice-pick lobotomies to gruesome pirate raids, in “The Icepick Surgeon,” Sam Kean catalogues the long trail of amoral scientists, and their justifications. Through his comprehensive and complex portraits of these scientists, Kean excels at conveying their deceptively slow slide into corruption.

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