Book Review: The Power of Our Emotions

In “Emotional: How Feelings Shape Our Thinking,” physicist and science writer Leonard Mlodinow explores our feelings’ power to spur intelligent, nuanced action. Whether positive or negative, our emotions linger like perfume clouds, profoundly affecting how we think — and, by extension, what we do.

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Opinion: The Futile Fight Over GMO Food Labels

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Interview: Zeynep Pamuk on Creating Science Courts

Political scientist Zeynep Pamuk studies the highly charged interplay between science and politics, an area of research that she believes has only begun to be properly explored. In her new book, Pamuk resurrects the idea of a “science court” as a tool to better understand science-based political decisions.

Cadavers Shed Light on Covid-related Hearing Loss

Viral infections have long been associated with the onset of hearing problems, but the inner ear is notoriously difficult to study in living people. Now, researchers are turning to cadavers and developing new techniques to study why some people with Covid-19 report hearing loss, tinnitus, or balance issues.

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