As Rainforests Shrink, Medicines Vanish

Plants are a rich source of compounds that may prove to have medicinal properties or serve as building blocks for new drugs to treat conditions like high cholesterol, cancer, and even viruses like Ebola. But as tropical rainforests are lost to fires and clearing, so too are diverse, unstudied plants species.

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More than anything, the withdrawal seemed to highlight the limited power of the executive branch to bring about meaningful climate action — even if it wanted to. After all, while international treaties do offer hope that a sympathetic administration will act, the commitments offer little political leverage.

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Three recent books tackle the riddle of consciousness from wildly different perspectives: Can we actually “measure” consciousness? Is everything a little bit conscious? Are we really able to perceive “objective reality”? Are “conscious machines” possible in the future? Get ready to dive down the rabbit hole.