Opinion: Fallout From Hospital Visit Restrictions

Although restrictive hospital visitation policies may be necessary to slow the spread of Covid-19, they may also increase the chances of medical errors. Drawing from personal experience, a physician describes steps families can take to ensure that hospitalized loved ones get quality care.

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Book Review: Disastrous Attempts to Control Nature

In “Under a White Sky,” Elizabeth Kolbert explores the consequences of human attempts to control the environment. From the exploding invasive carp population to a nuanced view of geoengineering to dim the sun, Kolbert contemplates the blurring of the boundary between the natural world and the managed one.

Abstracts: Texas, NASA Rover, and More

A pulse of frigid Arctic air sent temperatures dropping to record lows in Texas this week, leading to widespread power outages and dozens of deaths. The disruptions have raised questions about how well the country’s second-largest state is prepared for natural disasters in the face of climate change.