Opinion: The Long Shadow of Alaska Oil Drilling

The ghosts of abandoned oil wells and pipelines threaten to haunt Alaska’s wildlife long after the equipment itself is gone. For the region to have any chance of recovering, industry executives and land management officials will need to invest heavily — and entertain new approaches to restoration.

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Covid’s Longest Tail: In Utero Stress

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Abstracts: Covid in Europe, COP26, and more

Covid-19 cases continued to climb across Europe this week, prompting fresh public health restrictions in some countries. The wave of infections has also fanned concerns in the U.S. about a larger than hoped-for winter surge. Despite the warning signs, however, there’s also reason to be cautiously optimistic.

Book Review: How Vermin Helped Shape Modern Life

Part history of public health and natural science and part sociological study, Lisa T. Sarasohn’s “Getting Under Our Skin” explores the fraught social, political, and cultural significance of our relationship to bed bugs, lice, fleas, and rats — and how that relationship ushered us into the modern era.

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