Baiting Wild Pigs with Poison

Wild hogs inflict tremendous environmental damage and eat virtually anything. Poisoning seems like a good solution to reign in North America’s exploding population, but how do you design a system that will kill a hog, and only a hog? Wildlife researchers are honing in on a couple of promising options.

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For Medical Equipment Users, Blackouts Loom Large

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Abstracts: Covid in India, Pollution, and More

Sixteen months since Covid-19 began sweeping around the world, India may be on the brink of the pandemic’s largest humanitarian disaster. A new wave of infections has swamped hospitals and official statistics are reporting around 386,000 new cases and more than 3,000 deaths per day.

Book Review: The Cyberwarfare Arms Race

In “This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends,” Nicole Perlroth chronicles the growing black market for cyberweapons, and the global arms race it has created. As with the atomic bomb, the U.S. has developed a weapon to protect its citizens which has now boomeranged back with unintended consequences.

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