Report Blames Extractive Industries for Killings

A new report by Global Witness found that the documented killings of 227 environmental activists in 2020 was a record high. Most were Indigenous people or small-scale farmers, who were defending forests against extractive industries, with numbers especially high throughout Latin American and the Amazon.

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Looking to Kids’ Immune Systems for Covid-19 Clues

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Abstracts: Covid in Kids, Mars Rover, and More

As schools reopen across the United States for in-person instruction, cases of Covid-19 are rising among kids — a surge that may intensify long-running debates over pandemic safety protocols in schools, and over how, exactly, to assess the risk the coronavirus poses to children.

What Is a Fetal Heartbeat?

Texas’ latest bill restricting abortion, referred to as a “heartbeat bill,” references the point in time when the embryo’s cardiac activity can first be detected by an ultrasound. The moniker has helped rally supporters around the law nationwide, but health care experts say the term is not medically accurate.

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