In South Africa, Limiting Speech to Fight a Virus

South Africa has made it illegal to spread disinformation about the new coronavirus and Covid-19. If found guilty, a person could face a fine, jail time, or both. But whether curbing people’s freedoms will be justified by the benefits of these measures — if they’re even enforceable — remains to be seen.

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Undark Editorial Mission
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With Taliban Help, Afghanistan Girds for a Virus

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Podcast: Making Precision Medicine a Reality

This month: Tailoring medicine to each individual patient could make health care more affordable and effective. But that reality won’t come to fruition unless researchers, industry, the government, and the public reach a consensus on issues like patient privacy, data bias, and sharing of medical records.

Lacking Protection, Physicians Fear for Families

National shortages are forcing medical doctors to battle Covid-19 without adequate N95 masks and other equipment. While many are reusing supplies, some are going without protection altogether — while spare equipment remains sequestered by the government in the Strategic National Stockpile.

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