Book Review: A Call to Protect ‘America’s Amazon’

In “Saving America’s Amazon,” environmental journalist Ben Raines chronicles the threats to Alabama’s wonderous Mobile River Basin. The branching network of rivers, creeks, forests, and swamps is home to a tremendous number of species — and the fastest rate of extinctions in all 50 states.

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Book Review: An Instruction Manual on Humans

In “An Outsider’s Guide to Humans,” Camilla Pang draws on science and personal experience to help readers understand the challenges of living on the spectrum. Since age eight, when she was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pang yearned for an instruction manual on humans — so she wrote one herself.

Abstracts: Vaccine Rollout, Google Union, and More

According to a Washington Post estimate based on state and federal data, only around 5.9 million people had been vaccinated as of Thursday — fewer than might be expected from the 21.4 million doses that have been distributed already, and far behind White House benchmarks.