Book Review: Saving the World’s Biggest Forests

In “Ever Green,” John W. Reid and Thomas E. Lovejoy offer a surprisingly hopeful look at the five largest forests remaining on Earth — in New Guinea, the Congo, the Amazon, the North American boreal zone, and the Russian taiga — and their critical role in trapping carbon to help curb global warming.

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Book Review: Anatomy of an Environmental Tragedy

Keith O’Brien’s “Paradise Falls” is the deeply reported tale of how a group of neighborhood mothers galvanized their community in the 1970s and turned Love Canal’s toxic-chemical disaster into a landmark in the history of grassroots activism, leading to the passage of the 1980 Superfund Act.

Down on the Farm: Robotics and AI

As farmers face changing weather patterns, environmental degradation, labor shortages, and the rising cost of key supplies, no segment of agriculture is without passionate advocates of robotics and artificial intelligence as solutions. But the promises of precision agriculture still haven’t been met.