Book Review: How Misinformation Acts Like a Virus

In “Foolproof,” social psychologist Sander van der Linden argues that fake information and conspiracy theories represent “viruses of the mind” that can latch onto the brain. The solution, he writes, is to deploy “prebunking” methods that act like a vaccine, fending off misinformation before it takes hold.

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Opinion: In Flint, a False Narrative’s Real Impact

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Book Review: The Phosphorus Crisis

In “The Devil’s Element,” a cautionary study of phosphorus, journalist Dan Egan shows how an element that is essential to maintaining life has become a global menace through it use — and overuse — as a key component of agricultural fertilizers. Recently, the toxic consequences have re-emerged: algae blooms.

Do a Quarter of Kids Really Get Long Covid?

Estimates of the number of children who struggle with lasting symptoms after a Covid-19 infection vary widely — and some researchers suggest their colleagues have overstated the risks. Is long Covid in children a silent epidemic? A challenging but very rare condition? Or something in between?

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