Book Review: A Wartime Link to Cancer Research

In “The Great Secret,” Jennet Conant tells the story of one Nazi attack that led to breakthroughs in cancer research. A wartime secret for many years, the sinking of an American ship containing mustard gas provided “a morgue full of case studies” for two doctors whose findings paved the way for chemotherapy.

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Four Years Later, Revisiting an Expertise Exodus

Since Donald Trump took office in 2017, many federal scientists have reported that the administration has undermined or dismissed their work. As the end of Trump’s first term approaches, eight former government scientists reflect on the circumstances that drove them to leave — and on all that’s been lost.

Abstracts: Google Lawsuit, Purdue Pharma, and More

On Tuesday, the Department of Justice and 11 U.S. states launched a landmark antitrust case against Google. The case, which could have broader implications for Silicon Valley companies, comes as Google, Facebook, and other technology giants face renewed criticism from both the left and the right.