Book Review: Lifting the Curtain on Chagas Disease

In “The Kissing Bug,” Daisy Hernández blends memoir and science in describing the deadly toll of a parasitic disease that plagues Hispanic immigrants. Fascinating and tragic in equal parts, Hernández reminds us that the cold hard facts of medical science are never separate from humanity.

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Opinion: Climate Change’s Mental-Health Toll

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Abstracts: Alzheimer’s Drug, Manatees, and More

On Monday, the FDA approved the use of a new Alzheimer’s drug called aducanumab, developed by the pharmaceutical company Biogen. Whether the drug works remains contested, and the approval decision has set off a fierce debate over the ways that commerce and advocacy might influence which drugs reach market.

Book Review: America’s Struggle to Tame Its Rivers

In “Holding Back the River,” Tyler J. Kelley offers a spirited tour of the nation’s crucial waterways, and the crumbling structures built to control them. Sorely underfunded and outdated, many dams that provide flood control, irrigation, and transportation must be replaced — or reimagined.

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