For Treating Long Covid, a Long Road Ahead

Dozens of major medical centers have established specialized Covid clinics around the country. A crowdsourced project counted more than 400. But there’s no standard protocol for treating long Covid. And experts are casting a wide net for treatments, with few ready for formal clinical trials.

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Book Review: The Messy History of Measurement

James Vincent shows in “Beyond Measure” how the hit-or-miss quest to quantify the physical world has shaped scientific progress as well as society over the centuries. “Measurement,” Vincent writes, “is not an intrinsic feature of the world, but a practice invented and imposed by humanity.”

Federal and State Law at Odds Over Abortion Care

In July, after 13 states outlawed most abortions, the Biden administration reminded health care providers that federal law requires them to offer life-and health-saving treatment in emergencies, including abortion. Now, the government is investigating a hospital in Missouri for allegedly denying such care.

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