Opinion: Advanced Placement Thwarts Test Takers

For the millions of high school students who take Advanced Placement exams each year, a good score can boost their chances of winning scholarships and earning valuable college credit. But inconsistent scoring practices are causing some students to lose points unfairly, writes a former exam grader.

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Turning to Sports to Boost Black Men in Medicine

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Abstracts: Abortion, Wildfires, and More

New abortion restrictions began in Texas on Wednesday, banning the procedure as early as week six of pregnancy. The law, which was originally signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in May, sharply curtails access to abortion in the country’s second-most populous state.

Book Review: The History of Harm Reduction

Maia Szalavitz’s “Undoing Drugs” explores the evolution of the movement to prioritize people in the war on drugs — a philosophy known as harm reduction. In this in-depth history, Szalavitz covers many angles of drug policy, including prescription drug use, supervised consumption, and racial inequities.

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