A Chemical Attack, and a Battle Over Blame

Three years after the Syrian village of Khan Sheikhoun was devastated by a chemical weapons attack, MIT emeritus professor Ted Postol and others continue to dispute the findings of most other experts, who have placed the blame for the attack squarely — and, many argue, convincingly — on Syria’s ruling regime.

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In Houston Hospitals, a Covid-19 Crisis

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Abstracts: Covid-19, Uighurs, and More

Cases of Covid-19 increased across much of the country this week, raising fears that the virus that causes it could spread further during gatherings over the Fourth of July weekend. The holiday arrives as the national death toll from Covid-19 passes 128,000 — roughly one quarter of the world total.

Race, Pollution, and Covid-19

When the pandemic hit, Black Americans were already living with more air pollution, leading to higher rates of respiratory and heart disease that can make a Covid-19 infection worse. Now, the Trump administration’s rollback of environmental protections puts vulnerable communities at even greater risk.