Book Review: An Ode to the Dank World of Sweat

In the summer’s ultimate beach read, journalist Sarah Everts delivers a chatty, informative romp through the science and history of perspiration. From the literal smell of fear to the chemical fingerprints in our sweat, Everts covers the latest science while calling for a celebration of our miraculous stink.

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Abstracts: Delta, Prions, and More

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Book Review: When Scientists Break Bad

From ice-pick lobotomies to gruesome pirate raids, in “The Icepick Surgeon,” Sam Kean catalogues the long trail of amoral scientists, and their justifications. Through his comprehensive and complex portraits of these scientists, Kean excels at conveying their deceptively slow slide into corruption.

A Climate Catastrophe Summer

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen deadly heat domes across the Pacific Northwest, a petroleum pipeline leak in the middle of the ocean that set the Gulf of Mexico on fire, and deadly floods in Germany and Belgium. Here’s what scientists are saying about climate change impacts this summer.

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