Abstracts: EPA Science, Red Tides, Algae, and More

The rule would require the agency to make policy based only on studies that release all raw data. But critics argue that because important studies are often based on confidential medical data that cannot be shared, such a rule would render good science unusable in the development of environmental policies.

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Abstracts: Climate Woes, Juul Under Fire, and More

More than anything, the withdrawal seemed to highlight the limited power of the executive branch to bring about meaningful climate action — even if it wanted to. After all, while international treaties do offer hope that a sympathetic administration will act, the commitments offer little political leverage.

Can ‘Super-Fan’ Investors Save Nautilus?

The publication quickly earned a reputation for award-winning literary science journalism, only to see that reputation founder amid financial headwinds, employee departures, and angry freelancers who were stiffed on payments. A new investor group is hoping to steady things, though critics remain skeptical.