The Debate Over How Best to Fight Global Warming

The struggle between scientists focused on reducing carbon emissions and advocates for climate-change adaptation strategies has long been based on controversy and misunderstanding, and may have stymied sustained progress in confronting a mounting global crisis for decades.

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How Citizens Can Push for Climate Action

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Book Review: A Global History of the Black Death

In “The World the Plague Made,” historian James Belich argues the plague’s impact in Europe was equal to that of the Enlightenment, the Reformation, the Industrial Revolution, and the Renaissance — and wreaked similar havoc in Eastern Europe and the Islamic world, influencing virtually all aspects of society.

New Antidepressant Guidelines Tackle Withdrawal

Antidepressants can help alleviate anxiety and depression, but some people experience debilitating symptoms when trying to come off these medications. Researchers are learning more about how to minimize withdrawal symptoms as mounting evidence shows severe side effects are more common than previously thought.

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