Should More Drugs Be Tested on Pregnant Women?

For decades, expectant mothers have been considered a vulnerable group, to be shielded from the potential harms of experimental research. But some say this omission creates another kind of harm: a lack of data about how most drugs perform during pregnancy. Experts say the practice needs to change.

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Sorting the Science on Breast Milk and Covid-19

Breast milk researchers have set out to answer a slew of pressing questions: Can the virus be transmitted through breast milk? Does milk from recovering mothers protect babies from Covid? And can breast milk components be used to develop new treatments? These research efforts are starting to yield answers.

Interview: Rita Colwell Talks Sexism in Science

In her new memoir, “A Lab of One’s Own,” microbiologist Rita Colwell recounts her struggle with sexism in science. When Colwell earned her Ph.D., training women in the sciences was viewed by many as a waste of time. Nevertheless, she persisted, eventually becoming director of the National Science Foundation.