Opinion: Deplatforming Hate Speech

Deplatforming, the suspension of inflammatory social media accounts or entire platforms, raises ethical and legal questions, but foremost is the question of whether it’s an effective strategy to curb hate speech and calls for violence online. As a short-term solution experts say it works, with hefty caveats.

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Abstracts: Vaccine Rollout, Google Union, and More

According to a Washington Post estimate based on state and federal data, only around 5.9 million people had been vaccinated as of Thursday — fewer than might be expected from the 21.4 million doses that have been distributed already, and far behind White House benchmarks.

Review: A New Wave of Science TV Shows

With shows like “Connected” and “Emily’s Wonder Lab” leading the way, a surge of ambitious new science programming aimed at both adults and children is hitting its stride. The most successful shows trust the audience’s intelligence — and complicate, rather than simplify, our view of science.