Absent State Action, a Georgia County Forged Ahead

Carroll County’s leaders struggled with whether to lock down their region before the rest of Georgia. Their final decision may have saved lives — but it was also hampered by a varied and uncertain patchwork of official responses to Covid-19 across the South, which has put enormous pressure on local officials.

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Book Review: How Opioids Overwhelmed Coal Country

In “Death in Mud Lick: A Coal Country Fight against the Drug Companies That Delivered the Opioid Epidemic,” Eric Eyre uncovers corporate avarice, corruption, and official neglect on a massive scale as he chronicles how the nation’s largest drug corporations saturated West Virginia with opioid pills.

Are Post-9/11 Investments Helping the U.S. Now?

Amid the bungled response to the Covid-19 pandemic — including testing shortfalls, shortages of critical medical supplies, understaffing at local health departments, and sluggish federal action overall — some policy experts are now wondering why post-9/11 preparedness spending isn’t helping more now.