Five Questions for Mitchell Valdés-Sosa

In this installment of the Undark Five, Mitchell Valdés-Sosa, director of the Cuban Neuroscience Center, discusses how academia and scientific research operate in communist Cuba, the country’s need for outside funding, and the possible challenges that will come with the arrival of the Trump Administration.

Five Questions for Judith Edersheim

In this installment of the Undark Five, we asked Judith Edersheim, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and also a lawyer who specializes in forensic evaluations, what brain imaging can reveal about the “criminal brain,” and how this research ought to be used in the courtroom.

Blind Rage and the Killing at Carderock

In 2013, David DiPaolo was seen arguing with his longtime climbing partner, Geoff Farrar, near a popular span of cliffs outside of Washington, D.C. Before the day was out, DiPaolo would bludgeon Farrar to death with a hammer in an apparent fit of rage. What makes a brain snap, and does biology play a role?

Modern Life and Its Diseases: The Light Connection

From shift work in brightly-lit buildings to late evenings spent staring at a screen, routine exposure to artificial light is associated not just with psychiatric disorders, but with certain cancers. Unlocking the biological mechanisms that respond to artificial light is one of the great challenges facing scientists today.