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SF Chronicle: The Great Quake, 1906-2006

SF just before the quake shook it down. . The San Francisco Chronicle’s graceful Carl Nolte kicks off a ten-part series recounting the most storied Natural Disaster in US history. The series includes not just the science of that big rip, but its impacts on the people and subsequent history of California. The main page

NYTImes: Beyond Swollen Limbs, a Disease’s Hidden Agony

A stupendously moving (and occasionally stomach-churning) once-a-week series, on five agonizing but eradicable diseases that plague some of the world’s poorest peoples, continues with reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr. writing on lymphatic filariasis, one of whose manifestations is better known as elephantiasis. Read it Earlier installments, by McNeil and by Celia W. Dugger are here

AP: New Red, Blue Rings Found Around Uranus

AP, without byline, posted some astronomy news from the University of California, in this week’s Science, on discovery of newly recognized colored rings around Uranus (which is also a new fillip on the old joke with the punchline, “speak for yourself”). Read AP’s version, or for a bit more, go to’s version by Sara


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