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Plenty Ink: Estrogen and Breast Cancer News in JAMA

JAMA has two, somewhat related reports on estrogen and breast cancer that get attention today. First, results from the long-running Women’s Health Initiative study indicate little or no danger from estrogen-only treatment for hot flashes or other menopause discomforts. The same study has previously concluded that some risk of increased breast cancer, heart attack, and

NYTimes: DNA Tests Turning Up Lots of Ancestry, and Lots of Often Strange Issues over Whose Issue is Whose

Genomic technology is having interesting societal impacts. Here’s one case: A 20-year-old girl marked “Asian” on her college application because a DNA test — on her sister — said their ancestry is 2 percent Asian, 98 percent European. The NYTimes’s Amy Harmon, as part of the newspaper’s DNA Age series, runs through a long list

Ariz. Republic on Medicine in the Desert: Valley fever cure moves step closer; scorpion antivenin progress

Two regional medical stories here: Valley fever, a serious, fungal lung disease, is up in Arizona with thousands of residents affected. The Arizona Republic’s Kerry Fehr-Snyder reports that the FDA has granted orphan drug disease status to a drug being developed by the University of Arizona, which should make it easier to get a pharmaceutical


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