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Wash. Post: Vitamins Tuned to Your Ancestry?

Washington Post staff writer January W. Payne looks into a new line of GenSpec brand vitamins that, their Florida-based maker says, are formulated differently for sex and ancestry, with lines for men, women, and for blacks, whites, and hispanics. Products for Asians are next. Reporter Payne, judging by the story, could find no well-qualified experts

Sacto Bee: Asthma Drug Shortage-Effort to Save Tomorrow’s Air Have Some People Breathing Harder Now

Yet another illustration of the law of unintended consequences. The Sacramento Bee’s Dorsey Griffith reports hospitals and pharmacists in California’s Central Valley are having a hard time getting inhalers containing the asthma drug albuterol. Griffith tracks the reason to the much-admired Montreal Protocol of 1987 banning aerosol sprays propelled by ozone-destroying and greenhouse-heating chlorofluorocarbon or

NYTimes: Never Mind Who’s Right–Creationists are nicer guys than those Pompous Scientists

NYTimes’s Cornelia Dean freshens the air in this profile of an evolutionary biologist-cum-filmmaker whose documentary, “Flock of Dodos”, suggests that while science may have the upper hand in the logic and evidence department, advocates of intelligent design are much better at talking plain, smiling, and being generally genial folks. Read it

Reuters: Caribbean Corals in an even bigger hurt

Century-old corals are dying all across the Caribbean sea and a lot of scientists, reports Reuters writer Jim Loney from Miami, point their fingers at the usual suspect: global warming. The greenhouse effect almost surely deserves the bad press it’s getting, including this instance, but does it not sometimes seem to get blame for everything

SF Chronicle: Governator and Global Warming Politics

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been among the most outspoken state leaders in fighting global warming, but some Democrats and environmentalists have some proposed laws that even he may have a tough time swallowing. Mark Martin reports from Sacramento. Read it In other global warming political news, from Alaska Juneau Empire staff writer Elizabeth Bluemink reports that

NYTimes: Southern Towns Want More Nukes

Twenty years after the last nuclear power construction boom crashed to a halt amid soaring costs and worries over reliability and safety, plenty of small towns, particularly in the southeastern US, are eager for more reactors in their backyards. It’s just one sign that US utilities will build at least a few, and perhaps many,


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