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Chi Trib: Mumps News Update

The Chicago Tribune’s Jeremy Manier provides a Sunday update on the Midwest mumps outbreak as a “rare encore appearance of a disease that once was an ever-present fixture of childhood.” Right on that score. The Tracker may have missed it, but his story is also the first to carry the speculation that a traveler from

Milw Journal: State Toughening Clean Air Rules

New regulations that could cost Wisconsin industry $1 billion but will make air healthier, fish safer to eat, and provide other benefits are making their way through the lawmaking process in the capitol, writer Lee Bergquist reports. One big target of the rulemaking is the state’s fleet of coal-burning power plants, but it leaves Wisconsin’s

USA/Florida Today: NASA Engineers trying to Reduce Risk of a Really Scary Space Accident–a Shuttle Accidentally Yanking Itself Free from Space Station

The Tracker isn’t sure repairs on 20+-year-old spaceships are science, but this story is heavy on urgent engineering. From Cape Canaveral reporters Todd Halverson and John Kelly describe NASA’s wrestle with a risk that is low on the odds scale, but very high on consequences if it occurs. It seems there is some chance a

AP: The angling crowd around Lake Michigan just Hates those Cormorants. Volunteers are joining fed, state agencies to try to get rid of the long-necked birds

“We’re taking our lake back. We’re all geared up and ready to rock and roll,” one 67-year-old member of a cormorant control group told Associated Press writer Tim Martin. The black aquatic birds have four-foot-wingspans and big appetites for perch, alewives, and other fish and some say recent fish declines are the birds’ fault. A


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