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Podcast #16: Health Care in North Korea

Our podcast host David Corcoran discusses Undark’s latest Case Study about medical problems in refugees from North Korea, with writer Sara Talpos. Also: Seth Mnookin on how the media cover health care and addiction, and reporter Andy Short on what will happen to your body if you decide to be buried at sea.

Undark Podcast #15: The Virus Hunters

Our podcast host, David Corcoran, discusses Undark’s latest Case Study on the worldwide effort to find emerging viruses with writer Jeffrey Marlow. Also: Seth Mnookin on the success of new science magazines, and reporter Eilís O’Neill on trichotillomania, a disorder in which people pull out their own hair.

An Unbalanced Plate of Food Policy

Even as young as 8 months, babies should be eating fruit and vegetables, experts advise. A new study finds a surprisingly high number who don’t, especially among minorities. Stronger national and local policies could help health care providers and parents improve the diets of infants and toddlers.