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For Coral Reefs, a Bit of Good News

In an examination of fish abundance at the planet’s coral reefs, a new study identified 15 outliers — many in surprisingly populated areas — that offer lessons in sustainable fishery management. Whether those lessons can be transported to other coral reef fisheries around the globe is an open question.

Undark Podcast #4: Lysozyme & More

Join our podcast host David Corcoran as he discusses with science writer Megan Molteni her recent deep dive for Undark — a look at transgenic goats, engineered to treat childhood disease, but hindered by GMO fears. Also: Undark’s Tracker columnist, Paul Raeburn, talks about cell phone radiation and cancer.

Of Climate Science and Hypocrisy

In an article co-published this afternoon with the good folks at InsideClimate News, reporter Lisa Song uncovers research suggesting that climate scientists are considered more trustworthy by the general public if they are perceived to be leading low-carbon lifestyles themselves. Is that fair?